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Trinity College Dublin

Dublin University Harriers and Athletic Club


Locations in College
Map of College Half-Mile
College Half-Mile:
This route has just become available to us again after a couple of years of construction of the Ussher Library and the Arts Block. The usual route for short time-trials and warm-ups before training. It is 832m (0.51 miles) long.
Chariots of Fire Route
Chariots of Fire:
A race around front square of Trinity College, held anually during Trinity week. Racing is in pairs with the final held at noon. The course starts at the Rubrics, goes under the Campanile, then the runners loop around opposite halves of the lawn in Parliament Square, finally finishing under the Campanile.
Map of Athletics locations in College
Other Locations:
Other locations of note within Trinity, such as the Luce Sports Hall, the Pavillion Bar and Changing Rooms, DUCAC and College Park.
Locations outside College
Overview of City
Overview of City:
Gives the relative locations of all the venues further down the table.
Map of the XC course in Santry
Santry Cross-Country Course:
There is a cross country course around the outside of the playing fields at Trinity's grounds in Santry. It's a good testing cross-country course, especially when its wet.
Map of Sandymount and 3 mile runs
Three mile run:
A nice short run, looping through the south city center.

The staple diet of the cross-country squad all through the winter. Just over 10 km in length, starting out the coast road towards Dun Laoghaire and looping back along Sandymount beach. Numerous imaginative variants, including "backwards" and "out-and-back on the beach".
Irishtown run
Irishtown Park:
What the cross-country folk do when they get sick of running the Sandymount loop. Usually done in Trinity term when the evenings are brighter. Also known as the "shit-house run" due to the numerous industrial and sanitary installations near the turn-around point.
Map of the Phoenix Park
A gentle 800m incline on a closed road in the Phoenix Park. This is a typical saturday session for the cross-country squad during Michelmas Term. Named after a somewhat infamous mountain pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Munich Hills:
A hilly loop in the Phoenix Park, usual training for the cross-country squad during Hillary Term. This loop is also a common circuit for cross-country races held in the Park. So named because this is the loop that Eamonn Coughlan trained on prior to the Munich Olympics in 1972.