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Trinity College Dublin

Dublin University Harriers and Athletic Club

Dublin University Harriers and Athletic Club

A Centenary History


Alan Gilsenan

Below you will find the entire text of the book in pdf format. It is either available chapter-by-chapter, or in one large file.

Preface & Introduction 162 kB
One Fine Morning 87 kB
by Alan Gilsenan
Maroon & White 45 kB
by Joseph Peppard
Between the Wars 169 kB
by Conor Mulcahy
War and Peace 421 kB
by Michael Ryan
A Fair Sex 255 kB
by Anne Brady, Charlotte Cantley and Mary Nolan
Towards 1985 243 kB
by Dennis Finnerty
Reminiscences 238 kB
by T.R.F. Cox, Leonard Horan, David Guiney, J.B. Lawson, Hugh Gash and Roy Dooney
Appendices 37 kB
Entire Text 1692 kB
Entire text with slightly higher quality images